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. . . On a Tuesday night rally in Nashville, Trump once again made a pitch to the crowd that the FBI had “infiltrated” his campaign, saying that “nothing like this has ever happened in the history of our nation.” Then he went on to lead the crowd in booing John McCain.

Trump’s attack on the investigation and the investigators may seem like just another repetition of the kind of blatant lie he has using against Robert Mueller’s team for weeks. It is. And it’s the same kind of attack he’s using against former FBI director James Comey. And former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe. And Sally Yates. And James Clapper. And John Brennan. And pretty well every official who has so much as voiced disagreement with Trump.

Meanwhile, Robert Mueller and the FBI have proceeded as they always do—quietly, step-by-step, working behind the scenes, avoiding publicity, and ignoring Trump. Which is exactly what Donald Trump wants.

. . .

[T]here is a justice system plodding stolidly onward, building a case behind the scenes. [T]here is a media that’s all too readily distracted by the latest shiny object, unwilling to stay focused on any of Trump’s outrages because it would take away from following the new outrage, and unwilling to go after Trump on his own terms because it’s beneath their idea of journalistic dignity. . . .

Which is why Trump is winning. Why he is, as Jonathon Chait points out in New York Magazine, carving away American democracy one slice at a time. So that when Mueller finally emerges, and the press finally wakes up, it could be far too late.

. . .

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Putin is winning.



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