Not the Fox that Trump and most of the network’s viewers watch; Shepard Smith’s afternoon show.  But still.  Here he was yesterday calling Trump out for the fraud that he is.  Under two minutes.

And here’s “Morning Joe” yesterday noting that America’s foreign policy now turns on what will best enrich the Trump family.*

There aren’t fonts large enough to do justice to the damage Putin and Trump — and most of Fox News — have done and continue to do to our beloved country.

*When Trump lied 36 years ago, inflating his net worth 20-fold to get on the Forbes 400 List, he was actually worth only $5 million.  When he lied repeatedly that he would “absolutely” release his tax returns, who knows what he was worth?  When he lied egregiously that the Republican tax cut would not benefit people like him — that in fact it would cost him a fortune” — his net worth was doubtless on the upswing. By the time he leaves office, he and his family may be so rich he’ll feel no need to lie about it.  Only about how they got that way.



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