Ted Cruz:  “What happens after every mass shooting is Democrats propose taking away guns from law-abiding citizens.”

That’s a lie.

Almost no one — and certainly not the two bills the House has passed in the wake of the latest mass murders — proposes that.

As Cruz well knows.

Has he no shame?

(Actually not.  Trump insults his wife and suggests his father helped assassinate Kennedy, but Cruz supports the “pathological liar and utterly amoral bully” anyway.)

Wayne A.: “You asked what would Jesus do?  I do not think Jesus would spin an obvious religious hate crime against Christians by a Muslim to be a need to punish 30 million law-abiding gun owners.”

→ If it was a religious hate crime, why attack the patrons of a nondenominational supermarket?  But leaving aside motive . . .

. . . and noting that most of our mass murderers, like those at Las Vegas and Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook and Columbine and Parkland and Pittsburgh, are not Muslim . . .

. . . here are the two bills currently up for Senate approval.

How do you see them hurting even one of the 30 million law-abiding gun owners you reference?

Presumably, you think there’s some line beyond which a citizen would need to demonstrate special circumstances to purchase weapons — shoulder-launched missiles or machine guns, for example.

Is it crazy to suggest that line be drawn to ban sale of cop-killing bullets?  Assault weapons?

I was kind of thrilled when ANIX, suggested here around $4, touched $8 a few days ago.  Less thrilled now that it’s dropped almost all the way back.  But the ballgame’s not over.  Only for money you can truly afford to lose.



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