Okay, I’m still basically playing hooky.

But you paid good money for this site, so:

  1. Here is Randy Rainbow’s latest.
  2. Here is yet another of those repurposed, subtitled clips from Der Untergang.  It never gets old.

Four minutes each.

WARNING: If you are a Trump fan, please skip both.  We should spend most of our time these days finding common ground, not offending each other.

Yet some things, among friends, are just irresistible.

And by insisting the election was rigged when it was not — and that his landslide 2016 victory was not rigged when it was* — he threatens the very foundation of our democracy.

So maybe it’s okay to have a little fun at his expense?

*With Russia’s help, whether he asked for it or not.  “Russia, if you’re listening . . . “



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