I’m kinda taking the day off.

Fortunately, Bill Maher didn’t.

His whole show Friday was important.

Listen to it all — funny, infuriating, enlightening . . .

. . . or at least find eight minutes to watch his “New Rules.”

C’mon, Democrats.

Oh — but I can say one other thing, even though I’m kinda taking the day off?

Our “fringe” is different from their fringe.

A.O.C. advocates radical things like universal health care (enjoyed by every other First World country) and the Green New Deal to keep the planet habitable.

Their fringe — Q-Anon — has gone mainstream in the Republican Party, alleging that “Democrats are Satan-worshipping pedophiles running a global child sex-trafficking ring.”

Our fringe is for health care and clean energy; their fringe says Democrats drink the blood of children.

Republicans have elected a Q-Anon supporter to Congress.

Have a great week.



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