Take Bundler’s quiz to find out.  It’s free.  And new.  All feedback welcome.

Or skip the quiz and use the main site to find stuff you want to see.  There are so many ways to watch I Love Lucy!  And Veep!

Or maybe you want to quickly see how many seasons there’ve been (six) and a quick synopsis of each episode.  (Oh!  I remember that one!)

Or find amazing old movies like “Z” that you can apparently rent on Amazon for $2.99 (and should).  Or watch free on FilmStruck (of which I’d never heard) with their $6.99/month membership — or free trial.  “A constantly refreshed library of hard to find and critically acclaimed films.  Rare footage and special features. Available to stream at any time.”  You never heard of “Z”?  Now you have.

I’m just beginning to explore Bundler (full disclosure: the founder is a friend; I’m lightly invested), and they will likely be adding functionality . . . but play around and let me know what you think?  How it could be better?  It’s fun to get in on the ground floor.  (Searching on which, I find this two-season “workplace comedy with a romantic twist.”)

Are you old enough to remember TV Guide?  Bundler.com would appear to be the ultimate TV  guide.  Even for those with no TV.



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