I’m so afraid of heights!  One breathtaking  minute.

Funniest TED Talk Ever.  Ten.

He was instrumental in the Abraham Accords, as one 0f you points out — a very good thing — so Trump wasn’t THAT bad (as another of you points out), other than . . . 

Russ:  “Any chance for a CNF update?”

→ So this one has certainly disappointed; mostly, I’m assuming, because of what seems to be China’s increasingly hostile view of capitalism — and America.  I own a lot of it.  My friend who owns many times more says the company has had to adjust to changes in regulations several times, but that it is doing well and that SOMEDAY the market will recognize its value.  He’s a lot closer to it than me, and patience is my middle name, so (famous last words?), I hang on.

Have a great weekend!



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