I have mixed feelings about this, because the nice people who sell glasses from retail stores need to eat, too.  But as I’ve argued before (Why RCN’s Customer Service May Determine America’s Future), we need people to do jobs that need doing, not ones that don’t.  So when I was told by a nice human I could get my new prescription filled “for under $300!” I went back to glassesusa.com and got two pairs delivered for $68.  Which I could have returned for a full refund, “no questions asked.”  But they’re fine, so I didn’t have to.

George Will weighs in on immigration reform.  Might a partial solution be finally at hand?  Doubtful, but one can hope.  At least it’s on the table.

Not included is the H-1B visa reform that Fareed Zakaria laments in the first two minutes of this interview with Commerce Secretary Raimondo.


A breakthrough in Nuclear Fusion!

Still at least a decade off . . . but imagine a world powered by cheap, clean energy.  Our species may have a future after all.

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