This is really good news.  Reverend Warnock is a wonderfully good man.  Having 51 seats instead of 50 is a big plus.

But — and it is a huge but — that nearly half the voters voted Walker is scary and disheartening.

One African American voter said she voted for Herschel because of inflation.  What on earth would a Senator Walker have been able to do to lower prices?  Vote to eliminate the estate tax on billionheirs?  Vote to withhold aid from Ukraine?  What would he have done to help average Georgians like her?  Vote to trim Social Security benefits?  Fight Medicaid expansion?  Vote against capping the price of insulin?  Fight to repeal Obamacare?  Fight hikes to the minimum wage?  Oppose the Violence Against Women Act?  Fight for the right of 18-year-olds — too young to buy a beer — to buy assault weapons?  Cop-killing bullets?  Fight to force poor women to have unwanted babies (non-poor women can travel) whose cost to the taxpayers he, with his fellow Republicans, could then decry?

We won; but we’re nowhere near out of the woods.

Bring back the G.O.P.!

(Youngsters: It stands for Grand Old Party.)

This one bears almost no resemblance.



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