Do you have a one of the new iPhones? Here are some of the free applications a friend showed me that I recently added:

SHOWTIMES tells you what’s playing at the movie theaters nearest your current location (your phones uses GPS to know where you are), along with showtimes, trailers, and directions for getting to the theater – walking, driving, or taking the bus.

iHANDY LEVEL turns your iPhone into a level (need to hang a picture?).

CHESS lets you play multiple games simultaneously with specific friends and/or strangers from around the world.

FAKE-A-CALL rings you at whatever time you specify, so you can interrupt your conversation and pretend to take an important call. (‘You what? Omigod. Are you at the hospital? I’ll be right there!’)

And here’s something else I learned: if you’re looking at a screen – perhaps the chess board you are playing – you can ‘photograph it’ by simultaneously holding the top button and the home button until you hear the click of the shutter. Then release, because if you hold those two too long, the iPhone reboots. (Which can also be handy, if some odd problem has begun to occur. Often, rebooting solves the problem.)


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