Getting stupider by the year? I’m getting stupider by the minute. (Seriously: I find my web boggle showing declines very rapidly after the start of each new session.)

Regular readers will know I periodically plug Brain Posit Science, partly because it may actually sharpen mental acuity (they have testimonial after testimonial, and all manner of peer-reviewed studies showing that it does); but mainly because I own some tiny fraction of a sliver of it. Humana and Allstate are among the companies that have promoted it (on the theory that sharper people are less likely to forget their meds or crash their cars). PBS has used it widely as a fundraising premium. But now comes the big time – and the low price. (Well, relatively low; a buff brain does not come cheap.) Namely, this Friday from 7pm-8pm EST on QVC:

You may have seen this popular program on public television. Now, QVC® is pleased to bring you revolutionary computer software that helps you think faster, focus better and improves the quality and quantity of the information your brain processes. Through five engaging exercises, Brain Fitness continually adapts to individual performances so that every person trains at the right level. These exercises are carefully designed to improve the visual system in multiple ways by speeding up visual processing, sharpening visual precision, expanding useful field of view, and improving visual working memory. See how it can work for you when you experience Brain Fitness by Posit Science.


It’s tempting not to think about it, but that doesn’t make it less true: we owe the Chinese a great deal of money.  Accordingly, it’s interesting to hear what their bankers are thinking about us – especially when one of them has a law degree from Duke and knows us very well.  His thoughts are worth considering as we ponder how best to change economic course.


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