So gasoline prices have come down and people are happy again – just in time for the mid-term election.

What a stroke of luck for the oil companies!

What a further stroke of luck it would be if prices then went back up after the election.

Of course, there’s that old expression about ‘making your own luck.’ But only a cynic would suggest that oil companies have any influence over the price of gasoline.

Or that, even if they did, they would ever try to use their influence to help the Administration retain unchecked power (other than with political contributions, which thus far in 2006 exceed $12.5 million, 83% to Republicans).

So enough of that. Let us turn to something wonderful:


Yesterday morning, the Clinton Global Initiative in New York featured a breakfast panel with Bishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan, and Queen Rania of Jordan – moderated by Fareed Zakaria of Newsweek. The topic, basically: can we ever learn to live with each other?

You can watch it yourself right now (click ‘watch archived video).

I watched and found it extraordinary. Informative, hopeful, and moving.

Bishop Tutu says, ‘You and I are ultimately made for goodness – and that is what is going to prevail.’

It’s worth taking an hour of your weekend to watch.


And then come back for lunch with the CEO of Cisco, the President of Siemens, the (amazing) founder of the Grameen Bank, and a well known former U.S. Vice President.

This hour, too, was compelling – and hopeful.

Bon appetit.


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