You may recall my comment on Delta Airlines’ background music. (It was driving me nuts.) I don’t want to jinx it, but I think they may actually have changed it, finally. Ah, the power of the e-press. But not before it occasioned this “old joke” (new to me) from Dana Dlott:

Q: Why is country-western music better than new age music?

A: When you play country-western music backwards, you get out of jail, you get back with your girlfriend, you get your job back, and your dog comes back to life. When you play new age music backwards, you just get more new age music.


Meanwhile, I have two movie suggestions for you to end the year on a high note. If you can find it, see LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, and don’t be put off by the subtitles. Yes, it’s in Italian, and yes, it’s got subtitles. But the subtitles are very big, and the movie – about which I want to tell you nothing, because that makes it even better – is brilliant, funny, original, incredibly sad and life affirming. The second should be easier to find: SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE. You will come away beaming and also wishing you had seen it before they assigned Shakespeare in high school. “Oh, now I get it.”

Three thumbs up.



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