Anthony: ‘The most deadly and most dangerous animal in Africa is not the hippopotamus or the lion, it is the mosquito. In fact in the entire world. Responsible for more deaths than all the mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fishes and birds combined. In fact you can throw in all the wars too. That is, if you will consider insects as animals.’


Marilyn Perry: ‘I have to say that we can change our driving routines without suffering undo hardship. I used to drive to work daily in Detroit, 28 miles round trip. Since I moved to Houston, I use public transportation. The Metro bus stop is right on my corner and stops right outside the door of the building I work. The benefits have been: 1. I am much more relaxed upon arrival of either work or home. 2. I don’t spend money on gas; one full tank will last 6-10 weeks (Honda Civic). 3. I have a reduced rate on my auto insurance. 4. My car is now two-and-a-half years old and has 7,000 miles.’


Nat Butler: ‘The Republicans are making a horrible mess of this country. And when I think George Bush and I were in the same Harvard Business School class, and that I met him when we were both teenagers, and cheerleaders at our respective rivals, Exeter and Andover, I feel that I have seen ‘up close’ a man who has caused a huge amount of devastation in this country and this world.’


The President spoke with Brian Williams. I quoted a little of it yesterday. Here’s a link to the whole thing.


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