Did you see President Bush on NBC last night? He was interviewed in New Orleans. He did not look well. It was unnerving.


‘When it’s all said and done, the people down here know that I stood in Jackson Square, and I said we’re gonna help ya, and we delivered.’


‘In terms of America’s image, of course I worry about American image. We’re great at TV and yet we’re getting crushed in the PR front.’


BRIAN WILLIAMS: ‘The folks who say you should have asked for some sort of sacrifice from all of us after 9/11 – do they have a case, looking back on it?’

PRESIDENT BUSH: ‘Americans are sacrificing. I mean we’re . . . we’re . . . you know, we pay a lot of taxes! Americans sacrificed when they, you know, when the economy went in the tank. Americans sacrificed when, you know, air travel was disrupted. American taxpayers have paid a lot to help this nation recover. I think Americans have sacrificed.’

☞ I don’t even know where to begin. Supply your own commentary.


Gary Poe: ‘When I saw this news item – DEMS USE IGNORED RULE TO OUST GAY CANDIDATE; ALABAMA PARTY COMMITTEE DISQUALIFIES WINNER – I was just livid. How can the Democrat party accept this blatant discrimination? Please check this out and tell us the truth.’

☞ On Saturday, the Alabama Democratic Party overturned that subcommittee ruling. Patricia Todd will be seated as Alabama’s first openly gay legislator. Her 59-vote victory was challenged on a technicality not because she is gay, but because she is white. This had originally been drawn as a ‘black’ district when redistricting was done to assure black representation. In the full executive committee meeting Saturday, one of the black committee members rose to say (paraphrasing), ‘This is what they used to do to us. We are better than that.’ Saturday was a good day for Alabama and America.


If accurately translated, this is a remarkable statement that one desperately hopes will resonate with the Palestinian people – and throughout the Middle East.


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