You may have seen the angry Republicans, like Ted Cruz and Lindsay Graham, basically disgusted at the thought of this child-pornography loving, critical-race-theory-advocating, terrorist-defending woman (none of which, she is, of course) sitting on the Supreme Court.

To me, the contrast in basic human decency between Judge Jackson and those senators is stunning.

For further contrast, here is Judge Jackson through the eyes of Cory Booker.

Wonderful.  Uplifting.

Straight white Christian males — who have contributed so much to building our great country — should not feel threatened by everyone else.  The wider the talent pool, the greater our competitive strength and collective prosperity.  The richer our culture.

It’s not a zero sum game.

How proud they should feel to have founded a country that lurches toward an ever more nearly perfect union, with liberty and justice for all.  Even women.  Even Jews.  Even people of color.  Even gays.  Even everybody.

Mitch McConnell — who flouted the Constitution by refusing to allow Obama to appoint a Justice upon the death of Antonin Scalia and then flouted his own precedent by rushing through a Trump nominee upon the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg — all in order to pack the Court with right-wingers — has announced he will vote against Judge Jackson for failing to denounce Court packing.

As long-time readers know, I don’t want to pack the Court. I want to depoliticize it.  Un-pack it.


Twelve predictions on the bright side of this nightmare.

. . . 12. A Russian defeat will make possible a “new birth of freedom,” and get us out of our funk about the declining state of global democracy. The spirit of 1989 will live on, thanks to a bunch of brave Ukrainians.



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