Thirty NATO countries unite behind democracy . . . plus lots more, like Sweden and Finland, Australia, South Korea, Japan . . . a clear line drawn between light and dark, freedom and tyranny.

We have a terrific president.  No longer in Putin’s pocket.  No longer in love with murderers.

Watch or read his Warsaw speech, in case you missed it.

His budget speech today, likewise.

I say again: I wish he were younger (I’m guessing he does, too) and desperately wish Manchin and Sinema were on board (ditto).  But we have a terrific president.

Other reading that may be of interest:

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New unemployment claims drop to lowest level since 1969.

As I’ve suggested previously — Why RCN’s Customer Service May Determine America’s Future — we need to embrace automation to free up workers to do work that can’t be automated.

. . . My point is that the U.S. faces two looming challenges:

  • a huge unemployment crisis, as more and more jobs are filled more by robots and artificial intelligence (read Andrew Yang’s The War On Normal People for a sense of how quickly this trend may accelerate)
  • a huge labor shortage as we look to spend trillions on labor to revitalize our physical infrastructure, provide more day-care and free pre-K, more eldercare, and so much more

The sharp-eyed reader will note that each looming challenge solves the other.

Granted, my RCN friend in Oklahoma didn’t sound as though she could instantly pick up stakes once replaced with a “suspend/resume” toggle and start installing solar panels or de-leading water pipes.  But she sure sounded like someone who’d be great as a teacher or elder-care aide, or pretty much anything else that required a good heart, a good mind, and people skills.

And finally:

Should we throw ourselves into recession?

Paul London:  “Larry Summers wants to fight inflation by slowing the economy because he is afraid low unemployment will lead to a wage price spiral. I believe the US and others ought to keep their economies running hot and pour private and public investment into alternatives to oil and coal, as well as into relieving other bottlenecks that are the source of inflation. Please check out my argument.”




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