Chris McMahon: ‘No, no, no, THIS is what you want! Park it in your garage, uses normal gasoline, 28 miles per gallon, cruising speed of 350 mph.’


Dan Roberts: ‘ARGH!! Please don’t give passing credit to this product without mentioning the horribly negative potential outcomes. We in the securities business view this product like viaticals, preying on the elderly and infirm. Usually, a home is the main asset a retiree has, and they get tricked into this product for some extra income. Later, the kids find out mom and dad don’t own the family home anymore, and guess who they want to sue?’

☞ The AARP site I linked to has lots of caveats. Take them seriously!


For those who file estimated quarterly tax, don’t forget: your fourth installment should be postmarked by tonight.


I think we won’t go to war with Iraq – or North Korea. And that Sharon may be replaced by Amram Mitzna in the Israeli election January 28, leading – FINALLY – to a ratcheting down of the conflict in the Middle East. I don’t know whether Saddam could possibly be persuaded at the last minute to hie to the compound I have heard the Libyans are building for him (or even that they are really building it) – it’s hard to picture that happening. But war is such a bad option, and I am nothing if not an optimist. These things have a rhythm. It’s time for a few good surprises.

Tomorrow (or soon): That Idiotic Thing About the 10 Men Going to a $100 Dinner


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