John Mauldin’s December 6 letter will take you a few minutes to read — and not buoy your spirits.

Woe are we!

And yet when you think about it — though he doesn’t say it — we have the technology and resources, including increasingly-cheap renewable energy, such that every American could have the basics: decent food, shelter, clothing, health care, and Internet (with which come virtually unlimited information, education, communication, and entertainment).

Beyond that, all you need is love.


But we sure don’t all have that now . . . and things could well get worse.  Read Mauldin’s letter.  (And Andrew Yang’s The War On Normal People.)

Sooner or later, something’s gotta give.

With far-sighted leadership and constructive compromise, there are ways to get there.  Look at the game-changing transformations F.D.R. was able to make, even as many of the wealthiest Americans loathed him.

FDR’s leadership brought us the social safety net and strengthened the middle class.

(Could a wealthy former New York mayor do the 2021-2029 equivalent of what a wealthy former New York governor did in 1933-1945?)

Lots to think about.

Have a great weekend!



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