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Your esteemed fellow reader Paul deLespinasse asks: If Trump Isn’t Guilty, Why Has He Been Acting So Guilty?

And second:

What To Do With An Attorney General Who Disdains Justice?  (Thanks, Glenn!)

. . . Barr’s conduct has been so egregious that in any normal administration he would have been forced to resign. Since neither that nor impeachment and removal will happen with the Trump crew, state bar authorities should examine Barr’s conduct. If nothing else, the legal profession should hold him accountable for his perversion of his office and rank dishonesty in continually spinning and misrepresenting the law and the facts in service of a corrupt president.

And now:

Why (White) Evangelicals Still Support Trump — posted more than a year ago, but of as much interest now as ever.

John Fea concludes:

. . . As I travel around the country listening to Trump voters, it is also clear that many white conservative evangelicals are disgusted by Trump’s rhetoric, character, and even some policy decisions, but because Trump has delivered the Supreme Court, they still believe that their vote for him in 2016 was worth it. Other evangelical Trump voters are having second thoughts about their 2016 vote. They thought Trump would have more respect for the office of the presidency once elected and they do not see that happening.

Of course, there are many white evangelicals — the so-called 19 percent — who did not vote for Donald Trump.

This group is divided between conservatives who support most of Trump’s policies but reject his immoral rhetoric and disrespect for American institutions. Ben Sasse, the senator from Nebraska, falls in this camp. Others did not vote for Trump because they reject his character and his policies. They believe he champions policies (immigration, the Muslim ban, “America First,” etc.) that do not reflect their Christian values. In the end, the white conservative resistance to Trump is vibrant, and it may be growing, but it still remains relatively small.

We need to do all we can to grow it.



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