Are you still reading the links from Monday (posted Sunday to give you extra time)?

Here’s one more: “Rust Belt Dems broke for Trump because they thought Clinton cared more about bathrooms than jobs.”

It has the ring of truth — though if you read to the end, you’ll see we really did try.

We just needed to do it better.

We got a couple million more votes than he did — always important to remember.

And so many stayed home it was barely a quarter of the voting-age population who put him in power.

But in power he is.

So those of us among the 75% who didn’t vote for him . . . or among the 25% who did, but with trepidation . . . need to stay engaged to help get America through this, applauding anything good Trump might do and passionately resisting the rest.

A huge voter turn-out in 2018 to sweep Congress and state legislatures blue may be unlikely but is absolutely possible — it’s legal to vote in mid-term elections! — and what, I would argue, we all need to work for.

I promise something lighter tomorrow.



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