A site to monitor the national popular vote — here.  Hillary now leads by more than 2 million.

I wish there were captions, but you may enjoy some of these.  Click on the photo or press the space bar to move to the next.  (Thanks, Mel!)

And don’t miss this two-minute tribute President Obama paid Ellen DeGeneres yesterday as he awarded her and 20 others the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

How far we’ve come.

Oh!  And Happy Thanksgiving!  We have hot water! And Barack Obama! And Advil! And all the world’s knowledge and music in our pocket!  (Plus: it’s a flashlight!) (And an alarm clock!) (And a computer and a tweet machine and an instant messenger and a GPS navigator!) (And a video phone!)

And we have each other. And all that our parents and ancestors did to get us to this point, where most of us live better, in most respects, than any king, czar or emperor ever did before us. (So, please — let’s not f— it up.)

Thanks for your readership.

Don’t eat too much.



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