My outlook is rosy, but Microsoft decided to reload 60,000+ emails into my Outlook (capital O, trademarked) — no way to stop it, like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice battling brooms — and when that finished and I found a $24 program that would seek out and delete them, and installed and launched it . . . well, it’s up to 30,000 deletions with I guess about 30,000 more to go.

So no column today.

But did you know there’s now a free Rachel Maddow app for your iPhone? Seriously: you can’t possibly be informed if you don’t watch Rachel Maddow five nights a week. Now, you don’t even need cable TV. Just search on RACHEL MADDOW in the app store.

In other news, one of our stocks, SYMS, announced before the market opened yesterday it would be filing for bankruptcy and liquidating its assets. The stock dipped as low as $3.01 in pre-market trading, but closed up $2.05 at $9.72 — a nice day’s gain for whoever paid $3.01 — which suggests a lot of investors think, as we have, that the company, because of its real estate holdings, is worth more dead than alive (selling clothing).


Rick from Normal: “If you’ve not yet seen this ad on TV, here is the full 3 minute Youtube on the latest big thing from Normal. With hundreds of windmills in the county and multiple nuclear electric generating plants in Illinois, electric cars here are truly carbon free.”

>>> I loved that clip. You go, Normal!

So look: a column after all.


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