Well, sort of. This is actually pretty great: “Former NFL Commissioner Paul J. Tagliabue and his wife, Chandler Tagliabue, have donated $1 million to Georgetown University for the creation of a new program to assist LGBT students.”

The NFL (by association). Georgetown (a Catholic university). As reported here.

“Sivagami Shiva Subbaraman, director of Georgetown’s LGBTQ Resource Center, called the Tagliabues’ gift ‘exciting and wonderful news’ and said it would have a beneficial impact on LGBT-related programs and centers at colleges across the country, especially other religious institutions. . . . She said the center’s work is carried out ‘consistent with, observant of, Jesuit values and principles of education’ and in collaboration with the university’s Office of Mission and Ministry.”

Hats off to enlightened, open-minded people everywhere.


And while we’re fighting intolerance, here is a rant from Canada worth watching. (Very quick.)


So when we were short DNDN it zoomed; and after we covered the short, it collapsed; and once it did collapse, we bought some; and now, yesterday, it dropped 35% more. Guru: “Dendreon beat their third quarter estimate for revenue, but on the analysts call said bookings for November were down (slightly) from October. Fourth quarter will be up from Third quarter, and accounts prescribing will exceed the goal of 500 in 2011. One of the largest urology practices in the US just put out a notice for all eligible patients to get Provenge. Still, the inflection point has not been reached and likely won’t be until the 1Q 2012.” I think whatever we do will likely be wrong – this thing has entered the “superstitious” stage of analysis which is, needless to say, not a good stage.


Guru: “Currently has $2.39/share in cash. (Used about 2 million in the quarter, or about 0.05/share) The second trial of the nicotine vaccine will announce results by the end of the year. Obviously with the stock at $1.87/share, there is no expectation of success. The data certainly don’t say that it is impossible to work, although the first Phase III did not work. Thus, a decent risk/reward.”


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