You will recall Trump’s characterization of Democrats who did not applaud sections of his State of the Union address as treasonous.

“Can we call that treason?  Why not,” he said.

Take a minute to watch Representative Jeffries’ response, if you’ve not already seen it.

We know the Republican platform was altered with respect to Ukraine — the only thing the Trump team weighed in on (and the only piece of the platform Russia cared about).

We watched Trump call out to Russia, “if you’re listening,” for its help defeating Hillary.

And from Jane Mayer’s must-read piece in the New Yorker, it appears Putin nixed Romney as our Secretary of State (but approved Tillerson, who has yet to use the money Congress appropriated to fight Russia’s ongoing attack).

Take another minute as Tom Steyer asks: why is he still president?

And six more minutes to watch Rachel’s take.

In all, eight minutes well spent.  We are under attack.  We are losing.  Our commander-in-chief refuses to defend the Constitution to which he took an oath.  Most Republicans in Congress are at least publicly okay with that.  It’s time for them to step up.



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