Every time your brother-in-law touts the Republican tax cut, please forward this column.

It’s what I’ve been trying to say for months now, but Krugman says it better.  (And has a Nobel Prize.)

It begins:

So you go out for dinner with a wealthy acquaintance. “I’ll take care of everything,” he says, and orders you a hamburger. Then he orders himself an expensive steak and a bottle of wine, which he doesn’t share. And when the waiter comes with the check, he points at you and says, “Charge it to his credit card.”

Now you understand the essence of the Trump tax cut, signed into law a little over two months ago.

But you really need to read it all.  And so does your charming, handsome, well-intentioned . . . but, I would gently argue, misled . . . brother-in-law.



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