Obamacare takes billions from the wealthy to subsidize health care for the rest of us.  The just-passed Republican bill takes those billions away from health care and gives it back to the wealthy.

It’s that simple.

If wealth for the wealthy trumps health care for the rest of us, yesterday’s vote was, as the Republicans argue, a great achievement.

Here are 10 ways it breaks their promises and could affect you personally.

Trump got elected saying he would give “everybody” “great health care” at “a tiny fraction of the cost.”

But how will he do it?  By increasing the number of doctors and nurses but paying them just a “tiny fraction” of what we do now?

By switching to a single-payer system modeled after those in the rest of the civilized world?  That would actually be a great step forward, but it’s clearly not what he has in mind.  He has nothing in mind except to make wild promises that play on people’s frustrations and naivete.

In Rare Unity, Hospitals, Doctors and Insurers Criticize Health Bill.

Have a great weekend.



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