Did you see where Jimmy Kimmel spoke movingly about his newborn son?

And how health care for children should transcend partisan politics?

Whether or not you take 13 minutes to watch on YouTube, as more than 7 million others have . . .

. . . take one minute to click “Jimmy Kimmel Really Changed A Lot Of Minds In The Fox Audience (No, He Didn’t)” and read the comments.


Nobody wants to hear about your kid. Millions are going through the same thing stuck with the Obamacrap that you support. Cry them a river.

David Zippel: “Even though I am a realist, it shocked me. But then I remembered the gay veteran who asked a question about health insurance at a Republican Presidential primary Q&A and some in the crowd shouting ‘Let him die.'”

Wanted: a kinder, gentler nation.

Less, “Let him die!” or “Lock her up!” More, “Blessed are the meek.”



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