Would you buy a Bible from this man?  If any family embodies Judeo-Christian values of honesty, charity, and humility, surely it’s the Trumps.

Twenty years for witness tampering?  That’s what the law allows — and, boy, would it ever seem to apply here.

Finding the 20%:  “A message for new members of Congress: You can get along. Here’s how.”  Finding common ground while standing your own.

Okay, I’m only about 12 years old at heart, so I can’t resist noting that the ParkerVision / Intel trial is slated to begin February 6 . . . 33 days from now.

Intel called for PRKR’s claim of “willfulness” to be dismissed, but that request was denied, which means that if the jury finds in PRKR’s favor — as a different jury in a different case before a different judge did to the tune of $173 million ten years ago — the judge could as much as triple it.

It could go horribly wrong: the jury could find in Intel’s favor.  Or the judge could just throw out their verdict as the judge in the Qualcomm case did 10 years ago (no $173 million after all).  Or he could be hit by a bus.  So this bet, like so many, is only for money you can truly afford to lose.

But it could also go wonderfully right: a large jury award multiplied by a penalty for willfulness, brightening prospects for the second Intel suit later this year (for a different set of patent violations) and for a new Qualcomm trial . . . followed by PRKR’s getting back to productive, potentially profitable work, as described here.

Christmas is coming (again).  Will we get a lump of coal?  A pot of gold?

Keeps life interesting, at the very least.



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