As noted Monday, the President last week replaced two scientists on his bioethics advisory panel who favored stem cell research with three who do not.

In a recent newspaper article (thank you, Anna!), one of the remaining bioethicists on the panel, William May, was quoted saying he ‘recalled what his own doctor said to him about the question of stem-cell research. ‘Bill,’ May recounted, ‘if you’re in a burning building with a freezer full of hundreds of pre-implanted embryos and with a 2-year-old child, and you had to pick one or the other, which would you save?

The article includes May’s thoughts on the Bush prescription drug policy, and AARP, as well.

If you think this issue has nothing to do with money, consider what it will cost if you or your spouse should someday suffer from Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s or cancer – or one of your kids should suffer from paralysis – that might otherwise have been cured by the stem cell research President Bush has decided America must try to shut down worldwide.

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