It’s so important to the Republican Party to:

  • Repeal Obamacare (they’ve tried more than 52 times!).
  • Freeze the minimum wage at $7.25 (forcing taxpayers to subsidize corporations whose employees require food stamps).
  • Repeal the estate tax on billionheirs.
  • Thwart gun safety measures even NRA members support.

And of course, make it more difficult for certain people to vote.

It’s so important to the Democratic Party to:

  • Repeal the filibuster so we can . . .
  • Enact HR1 to restore voting rights (here’s what that bill would do).
  • Reverse ever-increasing inequality (that leads to economic and social collapse — see Nick Hanauer).
  • Put millions to work revitalizing our infrastructure.
  • Enact comprehensive immigration reform (of the type the Senate passed 68-32 in 2013).

And, of course, empower the citizens of Washington, DC (“no taxation without representation!”).

McConnell ‘s commitment to gridlock-when-a-Democrat-holds-the-White-House has needlessly dragged the country down, like ankle weights on a marathoner.  (Separately, his appalling disregard for fairness has allowed the minority to stack the Supreme Court in its favor.)

There’s almost enough support to break his stranglehold the rule — More Democrats join the effort to kill the filibuster as a way of saving Biden’s agenda — but not quite.

Here are a few possible face-savers to help Senators Manchin and Sinema take the leap:

  • It’s an emergency! When so many people are hurting, it’s in the national interest to act.
  • Make it temporary.  A rule change that will “sunset” at the end of 2022.
  • Apply the change only to bills that enjoy wide-majority public support.
  • Allow a “talking filibuster” (where senators actually have to filibuster) for up to two weeks, so senators have more time to hear from the public and/or reach compromise.

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