FIFTY YEARS AGO: The amazing story of a citizen break-in to the FBI — under cover of the Ali-Frazier fight — that changed history.  (Thanks, Glenn!)

JANUARY 5TH: The disgraced former president’s “war council” meeting, just before the deadly attack on Congress.  With more reporting here: January 5 War Council at Trump International May Have Had More Attendees Than Previously Known.

And does it bother anyone that the disgraced former president’s National Security Advisor — an admitted, pardoned perjurer whom the acting attorney general had urgently warned against hiring and whom then FBI director James Comey was urged not to pursue — and who led “lock her up chants” on national television in the run-up to the 2016 election . . . does it bother anyone that he called for the military to overturn the results of the 2020 election?

Does it bother anyone that the pardoned perjurer’s younger brother, Lieutenant-General Charles Flynn, seems to have played a key role in preventing the National Guard from coming to Congress’s rescue, hour after hour after hour, on January 6?

I don’t buy the conspiracy theories that Democrats are pedophile cannibal Satanists or that Jewish space lasers set California’s wildfires.  They seem far-fetched.

But the theory that two brothers in league with the disgraced former president abetted an attack on the United States Congress?  That seems to have happened.

I’m wondering whether the younger Flynn should be tried for dereliction of duty.  Or treason.  Or dishonorably discharged.

Sorry Friday’s post went up late: Which Way Do You Lean?

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