I had never heard this term before — “whataboutism.”

As in: Sure, Trump is a pathological liar who’s destroying our government and our standing in the world, but what about the child porn ring Hillary ran out of a pizza parlor? What about the four Americans she killed at Benghazi?  What about the uranium deal?!  The attorney general needs to appoint a special prosecutor!

I have two things to say about that.

  1. If you haven’t already seen it, here’s Shepard Smith on Fox News explaining the uranium deal.  Guess what: Hillary did absolutely nothing wrong.
  2. Here is John Oliver explaining whataboutism.  Warning: it’s very funny and, yes, very irreverent.  Trump supporters, just like Judge Roy Moore supporters, will find it deeply disrespectful, elitist, snide — all that. And they will stick with the alternative facts with which they are comfortable.  But the rest of us?  Until this nightmare ends — as soon as possible, because it’s truly an emergency — we can never be reminded too often how absurd and deeply dangerous Trump’s presidency is.  Putin is winning, bigly.

Have a great day.


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