For one thing, it goes to fund these 1,000 rising college seniors the DNC is training to be organizers in 7 key states.

(We could win the popular vote by 20 million votes and still lose the Electoral College if we don’t win key swing states.)

But here’s a question: why 1,000 — why not 5,000?

It’s just a matter of money.

In this case, just half what Democratic donors gave to fight each other over Florida’s 2018 gubernatorial primary.

Which brings me back to the recent post in which I urged that we be logical.  (And generous.)

Don’t give to primary campaigns, or at most, give just a tiny bit.  Give to fund the early organizing — NOW, while the seeds have time to root and grow — that could win us the White House and, at the same time, the Senate and several state legislative chambers in advance of the next redistricting.

Ana Navarro is a Republican strategist:



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