Glenn Price:  “It astounds and depresses me that Trump could duplicate his 2016 victory next year. It’s beyond comprehension to me.  The Democrats have to play this election season very, very smart if the country is going to avoid the devastating consequences of a two-term Trump.”

→ Exactly.

But note that it’s not the leaders of the Democratic Party who need to “play 2020 very, very smart” (though they do), so much as it is you and me.

By that I mean, first: it’s not the DNC chair (or House Speaker or Senate Minority Leader) who selects our candidate — it’s we primary voters.

And it’s we who have to be logical in allocating resources, as I argued here Monday, at least as much as they.

Most importantly, it’s we who have to swallow hard, if our preferred candidate is not the nominee — harder still if it’s someone we consider “the lesser of two evils” — and work like crazy to get everyone to the polls to vote for her or him . . . and for all our Senate and House and state legislative candidates, our governors, our attorneys general, our secretaries of state — all of them.

I’m quite sure our nominee will be a person of competence, intelligence, and good will, who will surround herself or himself with an administration full of the same.

But I can say with absolute certainty our nominee will — at very worst — be by far “the lesser of two evils,” because none of our folks is a clinical sociopath or fascist who favors murderous dictators over democratic allies.



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