Our Republican friends say Democrats are “destroying America.”  (See, for example, their leader’s Easter message.)

Yet the Wall Street Journal reports:

America Is Back in the Factory Business
Record spending on manufacturing construction heralds a made-in-the-U.S. rebound, stoked by green-energy incentives and concerns about foreign supply chains; ‘this is here to stay’

Production at U.S. factories rose last year, but few things were produced at a more furious pace than factories themselves.

Construction spending related to manufacturing reached $108 billion in 2022 . . . the highest annual total on record.

New factories are rising in urban cores and rural fields, desert flats and surf towns. Much of the growth is coming in the high-tech fields of electric-vehicle batteries and semiconductors, national priorities backed by billions of dollars in government incentives. Other companies that once relied exclusively on lower-cost countries to manufacture eyeglasses and bicycles and bodybuilding supplements have found reasons to come home. . . .

. . . David Mindell, professor of the history of engineering and manufacturing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who co-founded a venture-capital firm investing in industrial transformation, said major cycles typically play out over several decades. The factory boom signals that the U.S. is at the start of a new cycle, he said.

And looking at our progress more broadly, I offer this column from last August, here updated:

In Just Two Years . . .

. . . the President has:

  • Defeated the biggest threat to democracy we’ve ever faced — by 7 million votes.
  • Restored our alliances and greatly strengthened NATO.
  • United all of Europe in support of Ukrainian sovereignty, setting Russia back decades.
  • Eliminated the leader of Al Qaida.
  • Restored competence and professionalism to the State Department . . . and to the rest of the executive branch.
  • Restored integrity, decency, dignity, modesty, and compassion to the Presidency.
  • Ended the deadly Covid plague for anyone choosing to be vaccinated.
  • Rescued the economy and cut unemployment to its lowest rate in half a century.
  • Made clear that, like almost all Democrats, he wants to FUND the police, not defund them as the other party voted to do.
  • Appointed a wonderful Supreme Court Justice and more than 100 federal district court and appellate judges.
  • Signed into law a massive infrastructure bill to help revitalize the country, after decades of prior presidents’ failing to do so.
  • Signed into law the strategically and economically spectacular Chips-Plus package.
  • Signed into law a gun safety bill that, while wholly inadequate, at least did something for the first time since 1994.
  • Signed into law the PACT Act, extending benefits for veterans.
  • Signed into law a bill that will reduce the cost of prescription drugs, meaningfully restore our global role in confronting the existential climate crisis, and levy tax on the uber-wealthy and most profitable corporations while not seeking a dime from anyone else.
  • And more.

The country is moving forward.

Many of you helped make it possible.

Thank you.

Have you done all you can to fund the organizing effort that is our best chance to save democracy and keep America moving forward?



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