Trump awards himself a lucrative government contract.  (Why would world leaders want to meet in Aspen, say, when they can hold their June meeting at his low-occupancy resort in Miami? Experience the heat! The humidity! Mosquitos the size of hummingbirds!)  Just as his doctor assured us he’s the healthiest man ever to assume the presidency, his site-selection committee assures us that no other facility in America can equal Doral to hold the G7.

John Lithgow on Trump as an entertainer.

The origin of the term “fake news.”

Wonderful photos of the last 150 years.  (Thanks, Mel!) And more and more!

Denmark found a way to de-radicalize potential terrorists.  (It still makes sense.)

Elizabeth Warren fields a question on marriage equality — 36 seconds.

So let’s say you were wrongly imprisoned for 26 years — what would you draw?

Have a great weekend.



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