If you missed Rachel Friday night, here it is on audio without commercial interruption.

Do you know whom Giuliani brought to George H.W. Bush’s funeral?


Trump seems to have a thing for crooked lawyers – Roy Cohn (disbarred), Michael Cohen (in jail), and now, it seems, Giuliani.

(Not to mention William Barr — in whom Trump found his Roy Cohn — who seems hellbent on following in the footsteps of John Mitchell, Nixon’s deeply loyal, and ultimately incarcerated, Attorney General.)

It’s the October 18 podcast, “Criminal Case Overlaps Uncomfortably . . .” complete with a vivid description of enormous Mar-a-Lago bedbug bites.

Also not to be missed: Derren Brown: Secret, in case you’ll be in New York before January 4.  Funny!  ASTOUNDING!  I saw it with a brilliant young professional magician (and budding hypnotist) who knows Derren, and knows how much of this is done, though not all — and who rates Brown’s skill and showmanship nothing short of “fantastic.”

By the way?  A good way to buy tickets at often-good prices — to this, as I did, or to anything, in quite a few different cities — is the TodayTix app you can put on your phone.



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