The reason I get so little done, I’ve come to suspect, is that I spend so much time counting my blessings. But how can I not? I have Charles, I have you, I have hot water. Any time I want. All but instantly.

As I have often said in this space, most of us live better than even the richest kings, let alone cave dwellers, in the hundreds of generations that preceded us. TV? Cell phones? Air conditioning? Aspirin? Antibiotics? Anesthesia? Air travel? Google? Are you kidding me?

As perilous as our current circumstances are . . . both economically, over the next decade, in the U.S. and elsewhere, as we deleverage and regroup, and species-wide over the decades beyond that as the population peaks around 9 billion and we try to live together on a small planet without rendering it uninhabitable . . . indeed, because we face such a challenging future, how can the majority of us who still can make ends meet not count today’s blessings? We . . . have . . . electricity!

Being an optimist, I think we will rise to the challenges.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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