Steve Clemons, Director, American Strategy Program, New America Foundation: “Arianna Huffington asked a number of us to think about what we were most thankful for this weekend. What I am most thankful for is that President Obama and his team have made debate and policy challenges patriotic again. I remember when Chuck Hagel’s patriotism was rudely challenged by the Vice President for asking fundamental questions about the White House’s strategy in Iraq. I don’t agree with everything the Obama administration has done — but I do respect the embrace of divergent views and heterodoxy. All the best to you and your family this Thanksgiving — and may you have a great and civil debate on something you care about in the next year.”

Mark Willcox: “My nephew and his wife spent two years in Senegal with the Peace Corp. The first year, they lived in a small village. The second year, they moved to a large town. In front of their new digs, only a short walk away, was a pipe coming up from the ground which, with the turn of a handle, dispensed WATER. Any time of the year. They were in heaven! So, I am thankful for having running water RIGHT IN MY HOUSE.”


Click on any of these faces and hear a quick story. Like the story of Rwandan cassava farmer Celestine Nzamurambaho or Harlem restaurateur Karl Williams.


I’m not saying it’s cheap, exactly – I would try naming my own price at first, if I were you – but an heiress I know, who has a healthy respect for a dollar, turned me on to Dream, a remarkable hotel value in the heart of Manhattan. On the same nights in January where a room could be had for less than $250, the Four Seasons was quoting $850. (All this before the various taxes and surcharges.) Headed East? Eager to preserve your inheritance? Check it out. (Cheaper still, as noted here before, but in no way swank: Leo House.)


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