Have you read my contract? It obligates me to publish only when the stock market is open – and the stock market was closed Friday. I don’t make these rules. Who am I, the President of the New York Stock Exchange?


At least Rachel Maddow was working Friday.

This clip starts with by showing how the right wing and Fox destroyed a decades-old advocate for the poor (by faking a video); then shows that the scandal over British scientists fabricating climate change data was itself fabricated. It proceeds to call out “the unmooring of politics from fact” . . . it runs through the fake Republican outrage over recess appointments and over the “individual mandate” (a Republican idea) and over terror suspects being read their Miranda rights (just as they were under Bush). . . . and more.

Rachel concludes by affirming the importance of democratic dissent – but argues that “there are two things that disqualify you from this process.” Watch the clip and see if you agree?


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