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I wouldn’t mind if Fox dropped the laughable pretense of “fair and balanced.” But as Zac Bissonette points out here, surveyed its folks on the health care legislation.

A la . . . How are you getting along with your wife? (A) I am beating her daily; (B) I have stopped beating her daily; (C) Ask me later.”

No place to respond “(D) Fine, thanks.”

Take a look.

When called for a comment, the spokesperson said, “We don’t think a comment is necessary.”

“Ok, so no comment?” asked Zac.

“Well no . . . we don’t want to comment but we don’t want to say no comment.”


Samuel Caldwell: “Does your guru say anything recently about Dendreon?”

☞ Guru thinks the FDA will not accept the statistical underpinnings of DNDN’s application. This could happen a few weeks from now or be postponed, but he’d be surprised if it went past the end of the year.

The only two things I know for sure are that Guru’s understanding of the science and statistics and FDA guidelines at play here are miles ahead of 99%+ of the people buying this stock (meaning them no disrespect; it’s just true) . . . and that there’s a lot more upside than downside if you were to buy (say) a January 2011 put with a strike price of $15 (to take just one example) for $185. Heads, you win perhaps $800, tails you lose your $185.

It’s a crap shoot – no guru is right all the time – but this guru is right more often than not. So when it’s essentially “heads I win $4, tails I lose $1,” it’s a bet worth taking . . . with money you can truly, truly afford to lose, because you truly, truly may.

Now stop thinking about money and click the link up top and have a little fun.


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