Joe: “My order, almost a month ago, from also has not come, even after two calls to customer support. You get what you pay for (or in this case, you don’t get what you don’t pay for).”

Brian Miller: “Count me in for another who has not yet received my order from”

Sharon: “I ordered from them because of the $25 come-on. Over a month later I have received only a $6 bottle of vitamin E. They are attempting to resolve the unfilled order (a case of Atkins diet bars) but interestingly enough it cannot be handled by email or at the site but only by phone with about a 20 minute wait. The company was not prepared for the volume and hasn’t a clue about service. Planet RX is the best in my experience so far.”


Dana Nibby: “Did you know taking ginkgo biloba and aspirin together could cause hemorrhagic stroke? Click here for details from I’d do a quick word search on any herb you’re taking, or considering taking, at healthcentral.”


Nick Corman: “I love frozen grapes. Cookies are another thing that always seem to go from being “good/very good” to “excellent/divine” after being frozen. Apple juice too, although many people over age 14 don’t really seem to like apple juice in any state for some reason. A little apple juice popsicle stick, though, is a delight. (Mmmm…now I’m all hungry for grapes and cookies and homemade apple juice Popsicles.)”

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