One of you wrote to say fascism is not on the ballot (as I suggested yesterday) . . . just as in prior cycles others have written to say Roe would not be overturned if Republicans gained control, and few believe House Republicans will elect Trump their Speaker in January if they regain the majority.

But would you have thought the defeated president would incite an armed mob to storm the Capitol?  And then just watch for 187 minutes as the people he “loved” did their best to overthrow the duly-elected President-elect?

Did you imagine an American president siding with Putin over the FBI?

Or once having kept a book of Hitler’s speeches by his bedside?

Whatever your view of fascism, the democracy-destroying efforts of the Republican Party continue to build.

If you can find time, watch this clip of 2020 dirty tricks — and the even worse behavior now.

Then watch Marc Elias.  When asked whether Republicans bear responsibility:

Absolutely! Republicans from top to bottom bear responsibility.  Where is Mitch MacConnell calling this out?  Where is Kevin McCarthy calling this out?  Where are the so-called responsible leaders of the Republican party saying having armed vigilantes at the polls preventing people from casting their ballots in a legal way is wrong, and they’re going to denounce it?  Where are they?  It is from top to bottom a party that has a abandoned democracy and lost all semblance of decency.

“There are conditions of blindness so voluntary that they become complicity.”
Paul Bourget


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