It’s tough to win a debate if you’re recovering from a stroke, but it’s not tough to know right from wrong, fair from unfair, honest from dishonest.

John Fetterman isn’t auditioning for a debate team, he’s running to represent the interests of Pennsylvanians.

He will be 100% fit to vote FOR Social Security and Medicare, which the Republican leadership threatens to cut . . . 100% fit to vote FOR the minimum wage, reproductive rights, universal background checks, marriage equality, price caps on insulin, an estate tax on billionheirs, measures to fight climate change, investments in infrastructure, a minimum tax on corporate profits, voting rights protection, confirmation of judges and Justices (why should only Republican presidents get to appoint them? how is it that having lost the popular vote in 7 of the last 8 presidential elections, the red team controls two-thirds of the Court?) . . . all things that his opponent, though physically fit, would, like the rest of his party, mostly or entirely oppose.

His party is even beginning to waffle on Ukraine.

Those who support Trump should nix Fetterman.

Not because he’s recovering from a stroke — his current speech and auditory impediments are irrelevant — but because they want a senator who will vote AGAINST all those things.  A senator who admires Trump.  (Or pretends to.)



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