[SORRY: Just wanted to add three things.  First, not to make you crazy, but if you HAVEN’T lightened up on ETRM, hang on — today’s results came in better than one of my smart guys expected, so there’s a pretty good chance of approval Tuesday.  In my mind, the odds have now gotten better again, though it remains a gamble.  Second, don’t think I didn’t notice the California decision against teacher “tenure” this week, an important, hopeful development that should be replicated in other jurisdictions where the balance has tipped too far in favor of job security for ineffective teachers at the expense of children.  Third, I’m sick over the developments in Iraq, which of course it’s now clearer than ever we never should have invaded.  It seems to me zealotry of whatever variety — whether Catholics crusading 900 years ago or Islamic extremists crusading today — is humanity’s Achilles heal.  I’m an atheist. I “believe in” science, logic, enlightened capitalism, and the Golden Rule.  That still leaves plenty of room for disagreement; but far less room for inequality, resentment, oppression, strife, and atrocity.  And now . . . back to our regularly scheduled programming.]


Start with these 4 minutes: how Wyatt Earp ended “open carry” on the streets of Dodge City in the 1870’s — and how Kansas Republicans have now made it illegal for Dodge to ban six-shooters and AK-47s from its streets and saloons, even if it wants to.

Now, take 6 minutes to see how we’ve come to “the intersection of ‘Open Carry Street’ and ‘Stand Your Ground Place.'”  According to the NRA, Jon Stewart explains, you have the right to carry a weapon that may cause a reasonable person to fear for his life; and they have a right, if they feel that way, to respond with deadly force.  “It’s a perpetual violence machine.”  Because while in hindsight it’s clear the fellow entering the 7-Eleven with an AK-47 has good intentions, that’s not clear to everyone inside as it’s happening.  You don’t know he’s a “good guy with a gun.”  Indeed, Stewart notes, that’s why the police wear uniforms.  So you can tell the good guys with guns from the bad guys with guns.

Finally, no matter what else you have scheduled for today, find 5 minutes to watch this, wherein the etiquette of open carry is explained — by a white guy and a black guy.


Still with me?  Remember, you have all weekend to enjoy this stuff.  Take 13 minutes for this explanation of the Internet controversy, at the end of which I predict you will (a) find it hard to stop laughing; (b) rush over to fcc.gov to leave a comment; (c) program your DVR to watch John Oliver whenever he appears.


Finally, if you didn’t have time for them Tuesday, I can’t recommend these segments highly enough:

Kansas as a laboratory for what the right hopes to do nationwide.

Kansas as Koch brothers country.

Kansas Republicans denying the working poor Medicaid (even though the state wouldn’t have to pay for it).

Kansas Republicans cutting back on education (and shutting down the only school in town).

Kansas Republicans putting six-shooters back on the streets of Dodge (the clip you just saw, up above).

Kansas Republicans working to force you to bear your rapist’s baby.

Have a great weekend!



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