Don’t forget to mail in your estimated income tax today if you’ve had appreciable income on which tax has not been withheld.


Suggested here at $10.30, NKTR touched $14.65 Friday on good news, closing at $13.89.  Guru: “It should go higher.  They have a blockbuster.  Will be approved in September.  They get $135 million from Astra Zeneca.  Everyone on opioids will be on this.  They get a double digit royalty.”  So — with all the usual caveats — I hold on.  If it went into the higher teens fairly soon I’d likely sell much or all of it.  If it doesn’t — but things continue to go well for the company — I might hold out for a higher price a year or two from now.


Did you know you can make the type on your iPhone bold and/or bigger?  Just go to SETTINGS / GENERAL / ACCESSIBILITY.

Did you know you can coordinate care for a friend or relative — or coordinate who brings what to the potluck dinner so it’s not all potato salad — or coordinate study groups or office hours with signupgenius.com?  And lots of other things that need coordinating, too.  (“Should be in every sports parent’s playbook.” — Family Fun Magazine.) I saw it in action with a friend way too young and fit to have had quadruple by-pass surgery whose support group signed up for time slots to provide coverage.  Worked really well.

Did you know NYC seniors can get a photo ID half-price metro card that refills itself automatically from your credit card and even automatically gives you the even lower monthly rate if it sees you’ve used it enough for that to save you money?  I, of course, refuse to acknowledge I am even within 20 years of being old enough to be eligible.  But for your aunt.

Did you know that the days may continue to get longer only until June 21 (check your location here), but to those of us who measure the length of the day by the time of the sunset, the longest day in the Northern hemisphere turns out to be July 4th or so.  (The sunrise starts to get slightly later a week or two before June 21 — shortening the day.  But the sunset, not having gotten the memo, also keeps getting slightly later for a week or two, though not by quite as much.)


I made up a new word!  The condition of knowing it all.  And since no one truly can, it is in fact the condition of thinking one knows it all.  Roughly the opposite of amnesia, but insufferable.



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