Bill Maher is so right.   We on the left are poised to hand Congress to the party of Trump.

Whom they could then elect Speaker of the House.  Far-fetched, to be sure — just as it was far-fetched to think McConnell would block Garland’s nomination for eight months, ostensibly to see whom the people favored (they favored Hillary by 3 million votes) . . . yet then in 2020 rush through Barrett’s confirmation not eight months out, but after voting had already begun (in an election Joe would win by 7 million votes).

So, yes: we absolutely need to win the mid-terms, just as we absolutely needed to win the two Senate run-offs last January — and did.

Watch Bill Maher.

I’m not suggesting we ask folks to compromise their principles; just that they be smart about their rhetoric.

If you have time, click that link, too.  It even has a Frank Luntz footnote.

His recent Guardian profile . . .

. . . Having once worked for rightwing Republicans such as Pat Buchanan, Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani, he no longer hesitates to condemn Donald Trump’s pernicious influence. . . .

. . . “Be thankful that you don’t have our poison [he told his British audience] … I’m very afraid of the American system being hopelessly damaged.”

. . . Luntzwho does not think he will be in the polling business much longer, hopes politicians will consider the lessons of his “Great Rethink” presentation and rethink their own ways before democracy seizes up for good. “I want to hit them over the head with this,” he says. “I want to be able to say to them: cut it out. Just stop. Nothing is worth destroying the country – and you are this close to destroying the country.

. . . is worth reading in full.

And if long-time Republican Luntz is “very afraid,” long-time Republican David Brooks is “terrified.”

David Brooks Looks At ‘Terrifying Future’ Of U.S. Right At Conservative Conference.


If you’re concerned too (as I know most of you are), do something (as I know many of you have).

Join the League of Women Voters . . . join Field Team 6 . . . join Vote Forward . . . and, if you can — now, when your support is so much more leveraged than when most people will be giving next summer and fall — fund the Party.


Watch out for falling frozen iguanas.  They’re angry when they wake up.



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