Thanks to Paul Lerman for forwarding this supposedly real advertisement from an Irish newspaper:

1985 Blue Volkswagen Golf
Only 15 km
Only first gear and reverse used
Never driven hard
Original tires
Original brakes
Original fuel and oil
Only 1 driver
Owner wishing to sell due to employment lay-off
Photo Attached


A cruise ship sinks and three men make it to an uninhabited island.

The first man, a Christian, tears two branches from a palm tree, creates a cross, and prays to the Lord to be saved from the island.

The second man, a Muslim, pulls several fronds from the palm tree, creates a mat, kneels facing Mecca, and prays to Allah to save him.

The third man, a Jew, falls asleep under the palm tree.

The other two can’t understand how this man could remain so calm and serene, and ask him how he could be so at ease.

‘Two years ago I gave $1 million to the Jewish Federation,’ he explains. ‘Last year I gave $2 million. This year I pledged $3 million. Don’t worry … they’ll find me.’

Monday: ‘Selling Puts.’ But first, a puzzle for your weekend. (Warning: this could ruin your weekend.) In the equation SEND + MORE = MONEY, each letter stands for a digit. I.e., the ‘S’ in SEND may be 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9. No two letters stand for the same digit. Your task: Deduce what digit each of the letters stands for, so that it does, in fact, add up. No higher math skills required.


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