Gary Wimsett: ‘How about a plug for (tech news filter)? It’s free, it’s informative, and it’s free.’

☞ Well, if it’s free and informative and free . . .

Alan Rogowsky: ‘After reading your column of some time ago plugging Hamilton Jordon’s book, No such Thing As a Bad Day, I immediately bought the book & sent it to a very dear friend in Baltimore who is suffering from a recurrence of colon cancer – with the admonition that she should make an effort to read it (under the circumstances, even this is difficult for her). Received a letter from her today saying that it has had an amazing effect on her. It has inspired her to be more positive about her health and future – and, significantly, to continue her very difficult chemotherapy. This has made a HUGE and positive difference for her. I suppose you must sometimes wonder to what extent you touch the lives of your readers. Here is a case where you have a made a difference.’

☞ It’s Hamilton Jordan, of course, who has made the difference – but this is great to hear.


I am having so much fun reading – well, listening to the author read me – A Walk in the Woods, by Bill Bryson. I downloaded it with and am reading it as I walk. You may prefer to listen on cassette as you drive to work, or on the Stairmaster. Or I suppose you could just read it. In a word, this guy, Bryson, set out to walk the 2,150-mile Appalachian Trail. Far better him than us. If you don’t laugh out loud every minute or two, or grin broadly at the wonderful way he expresses himself (‘Daniel Boone not only wrestled bears, he attempted to date their sisters’), it will only be because all talk of bears reminds you of the stock market, and all thought of the stock market makes you feel flu-ish.


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